What is Coaching?

when you hear the word coaching what  springs to mind football coach acting  coach vocal coach maybe even a financial  coach confusing isn’t it

well coach has  become such a popular title that is  being used by lots of professions often  with no training and sometimes coaching  is just a fancy way of saying

I’ll ask  you a few questions and tell you what I  think you should do well let’s clear the  air a little bit about coaching coaching  is often confused with therapy  consulting and mentoring now those are  great helping professions

but they’re  not professional coaching here’s the  difference therapists focus on the past  and work to fix what’s broken  consultants provide qualitative analysis  and create road maps for organizational 

change they get paid to provide answers  mentors help those with less experienced  mentors are already experts in their  fields that are helping others reach  success now there may be some overlaps  an approach but none of these are  professional coaching  professional coaching is a different  type of conversation

there’s a whole lot  of asking and not much telling  professional coaches are focused on you  helping you design your future your  goals they’re thought-provoking and  inspirational you work on your topic a  professional coach focuses on you  professional coaches are also discerning  listeners empathetic creative intuitive  and curious they’re trained in coaching  behaviors and competencies

which makes  them really good coaches and they’re  bound by professional standards and  ethics a professional coach will be your  partner your advocate your champion  wanna try things you’ve only imagined  we’re smith leadership we believe it’s  all about what’s possible not what’s  limiting your future is waiting for you  we’ll help you design it call us a  professional Smith leadership coach will  speed you along your way

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