Life Coaching & Business Coaching Benefits

I was going to reinvent the real estate we do it my way and after a while years struggling I decided maybe it’s time to get a business coach we had a huge corporate reorganization

where one boss laughing another one came in and I was in a very very vulnerable position I moved to Seattle about two years ago and

my life was in chaos I had a nasty breakup and just was kind of wavering on what direction i went to go in and know if I want to keep on freelancing and big projects or get a job focus accountability lots of encouragement fun the most important thing I got out of work amisha is the fact that I still am a real estate agent after five years and

I think I wouldn’t have been as successful as I am now without having met Mischa five years ago and it was a perfect it was a perfect match as a lot of trust a lot of respect she had the real tools to understand both the business part of it and then how that affects you know the person my best outcome was just feeling more confident she made me realize to my strengths of being there and you know not not to get overwhelmed by the change she’s really amazing at encouraging

my first year of working with her I doubled the income that I made the year before and this year already I made more than I made last year as a business it’s really because I’ve developed as a business person and she’s been a major part of it well my experience using new me calm it was like it was excellent because not only were you going to the process of finding someone easy but it also made me think more clearly about or articulate more clearly what it was I was looking for and

I got out the questionnaire and I also talked to a customer service person and everything just got clearer and clearer and clearer so that when i received you know misha another person also they were i was like oh my god now i have two people i want to hire but i only yeah could hire one it was it the search ended right there because once i talked to her and it was perfect

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