hello I require more paper please please bring me more paper to my desk hello can I have a tap water please can I have some more printer paper please and printer ink

please can you bring me it please hey hello I didn’t see them of you welcome in say whoa whoa welcome to my office whoa take take power chair take a seat no just get just getting this is a business office we don’t have popcorn in

here don’t mind me I’m just flexing flexing missed him flexing it’s a fucking pound coin yes I get coins Tim I’ve got only one of them Tim this is early days my friend we have to you start from the bottom wow what a fucking successful business you have flexing

with one fucking queer individual game of girls will think I’m not got lots of cock cash what’s a cock go pun I’m sorry Alan you you’re fired you’re doing too bad your back paper you do bad you’re printing off sheets for my office work I’m the boss now my money is not a problem for me capiche tink capiche who

man who work me micromanager up at my business empire and then you are fired you have known you’ve never helped me okay and then you suck maybe cuz he doesn’t fucking exist Tim Gover in the vid sees a cock this is my dream office what’s the name of your fucking business then tell me son Simon business Simon fucking business you’re going to bring

that mr. she’s game against what shocking name of ever hurdle no imagination none now now now some of my fam might wonder what are the steps Simon to become to come on the business well there’s some simple easy steps for this to become on the bit to come on my business to come on your business number one be a gamer this is most important rule if you want to have them hold only real only gamers gaming who gaming games can get success at jobs what’s your business about

that’s none of your beeswax tim is it anything to do with fucking gaming what kind of boss sits there and fucking games and try to become a real fucking game the Simon gamer boss and my gap gaming Empire I fucking wheel what’s next number two in invest put your money where your mouth is invest

in what tip free don’t be afraid to hit your mom if she says you’re not got good business tell her how it is bang punch the fuck you going on about them let make tips to be good at business you can hit people hit your mum if you don’t seen your mom and fucking use fucking go and my fourth and final advice 444444 number for poor poor for my fans and number four is two star jumps do not lots and lots of star jumps star jumps yes Tim are you a fall have you ever seen anyone in fucking Wall Street fucking doing star jumps Justin what do you think when Steve Jobs was alive he was doing star jumps Tim you see this is how to you do reflects I’m a businessman Tim I’m just going to flicks salmon that’s fucking 50p