What Is Business Coaching

hi I’m Mary holes president of leaders choice coaching I have an important question I’d like to ask you what’s the one thing great athletes great business leaders and successful

salespeople have in common they take advantage of the advice of others and they apply it to their skills to help them get to the next level

who are these others well their mentors or more specifically coaches coaching isn’t just for athletes coaching’s been around in the business world for quite a few years simply defined coaching is one person guiding another through a process leading to performance enhancement sounds pretty simple doesn’t it so what type of person benefits the most from being coached well before I answer that I’d like to talk to you about you the fact that you’re viewing this means that you’re probably searching for something and that search can vary from person to person are you viewing this because you’re looking for a coach or because you’re looking for an answer if you’re looking to be coached well then congratulations you’ve achieved the first step so for you I have a question what’s it going to take to get you to move to step two and actually engage the services of a coach see I already know that we can help you and here’s how I know our process in working with you is very personal yes we’re going to engage you in developing your skills more importantly will work with you to tap into your core and examine and define your goals both in business and personal will work with you to uncover some of your limiting beliefs that may be holding it back we all have them we just don’t know that we do you see we coach the whole person not just production our methods are unique intense and here’s the good part they work if you’re viewing this to find answers I’ve a message for you if you need answers then you must have formulated questions but are they the right questions other questions is coaching right for me or should I give us a chance well maybe a better question is what’s the one thing that I’m not doing that if I did would allow me to have a more successful business and life give us a chance to go through those questions with you it costs you nothing more than a little bit of your time I guarantee at the end of the conversation you’ll leave with valuable tips that can be immediately applied to your business and your life then you decide to relax them or there’s a third type of person watching this you’re the ones who have made an investment in yourself and your business by participating in a leader choice program to you I say congratulations remember it doesn’t have to stop here you don’t need to go it alone after you leave the classroom the next logical step is to get engaged in one of our coaching programs and keep that great momentum going so sign up and let’s get started you see no matter who you are or where you are our process is to meet you there in that spot and then work with you to take you where you really want to be it’s that simple we want to hear from you request your complimentary coaching evaluation by filling out the form on the website or just email us at coaching it leaders choice com choose the program that’s right for you and sign up today oh and as to that question what type of person benefits the most from being coached the answer simple it’s you so let’s start that journey together today then