Business coaching

system aspect of the entire business basically the client buys on trust so it’s the baby are as a race we are like this

so if I have trust I will give you the sale even if the rest of the systems are not in place but it’s in their systems though I will definitely give you the sale so pressing is a very important part so very critical a cha dressing is a very important part are our sales guys are our sales guys dressed in a certain uniform or a certain way noritz in this is not necessarily

for you but for the rest of us so we need to have a formal uniform for the sales guys and the service guys if there are service guys involved right so what we what I would suggest is black trousers and blue shirt with a tie or if

there is a suit then a suit grey suit with white shirt and a blue or a blue shirt don’t wear black pinstripe suits to a client’s place black pinstripe suits are very high on domination and you cannot be dominating when you are going for a sales call so we’re gray blue whatever you want to wear and this has to be a contrast between the shirt and trousers or instead of brown black

you can also have fun but I am saying largely define it black trousers spawn trousers blue shirt white shirt is not very you know variable as in maintenances is not good most white shirts are lousy I mean most people who were allies white shirt it’s no longer white Martin Spencer’s Madsen Spencer’s is the best place for white shirts incidentally that i have found if you find something better tell me Zara sorry captain I’m done bought formals and some formal shirts which lasts the longest in white marks and spencers white shirt last the longest in white because I have to throw my shirts I can’t wear shirts which are not white so anyway so make sure that there is a uniform smile we have