Executive Coaching – Coaching Movie

I’m a little bit controversial in this regard because I don’t see much difference between executive coaching and life coaching for me the only difference actually is that executive.

coaching is coaching which is paid for by a company as opposed to not move especially if it’s paid for by an individual we tentacle in life coaching but this is just a language that maybe just my language but you know whether you’re closing your coaching an individual with your coaching an.

executive or whether you’re coaching somebody that is not an executive it’s still a human being that has certain goals and certain things that they would like to do in their life or their career and they have a whole bunch of other things that are getting in their way interference.

if you wish that’s to those goals and my working hypothesis on this is that most of that interference is in here they don’t present with that they present with all sorts of interference which is external to them but actually the interference tends to be actually in

there and how they’re relating to one of those external things I think that the first benefit of truly removing that interference perhaps would be and maybe it’s the most important exceptional well-being when we can act totally consciously in every moment we are likely to be able to exercise impulse control where we’re likely to be in the moment you know doing attending to what

we need to be attending to in a particular moment rather than attending to the future or the past which is what tends to happen when the brain is working in default mode when we are attending to the present moment it is pretty well it’s uncontroversial I think now that when we return into the present moment

we are happy there is a higher level of serotonin in the brain low levels of dopamine which created all their cravings and addictions which also meant elite are suffering is flying on an error so I think what all that amounts to is a feeling of satisfaction or well-being so that’s benefit a now

I’m not quite sure what other benefits really matter once you’ve got benefit a sort it out but fundamentally if we are happy if we are acting if we’re doing the right thing moment by moment not just what appears to be right for us in a particular moment but what actually is right for us and others in the context of the longer

term then we will be successful so you say benefit be which is a spin-off of genuine well-being which can only occur when we do the right thing moment by moment is exceptional success benefit see we get promoted that’s it slightly flippant but you know I think those are the two if you wish key benefits of this kind of coaching